The One and Only Fluff Bug (eclectictastes7) wrote in dewey_decimator,
The One and Only Fluff Bug

Music Icons: Various

[06] Patrick Wolf (1 animated)
[04] Rufus Wainwright
[05] Larrikin Love
[05] Various: Willy Mason, of Montreal, The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, IMA Robot
[04] The Libertines / Pete Doherty and Carl Barat (1 animated)
[01] Bright Eyes text
[02] Patrick Wolf text
[27] Music Icons

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17 18 19 20
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#01 is based on an animation I had on my computer. I do not know who made the original, sorry. If it's yours, I'm happy to give credit / take it down.

Some of these are very old, made before I had Photoshop (which I bought 2 years ago). I am not telling which ones.

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Comment, credit, enjoy!
Tags: !icons, @animated, @wordy, music, music: bright eyes, music: carl barat, music: franz ferdinand, music: ima robot, music: larrikin love, music: of montreal, music: patrick wolf, music: rufus wainwright, music: the libertines, music: the strokes, music: willy mason
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